The laser marking machine will replace the inkjet printer as the king of identification.

Nowadays, the rapid development of the labeling industry has led to the progress of many industries, such as labeling machines, printing wheels and other older labeling equipment has gradually drifted away in our sight, and the emerging laser marking machine began to appear in our field of vision, and there is a laser marking machine can replace the printer, radical argument. After years of development, laser marking machine has improved production efficiency for various industries, and has been used more and more widely in various industries.
Laser marking machine is produced by laser technology. It belongs to non-contact machining. Compared with traditional methods, it will not only cause deformation and damage of materials, but also process fine and fast.

Laser marking machine is widely used in many fields.
In recent years, China's laser industry is on the rise. In East Asia, China is the most important market for industrial lasers and laser systems, thanks to the sustained development of China's real economy and the support of policies and regulations. In different industries, more and more innovative applications have promoted the development of China's laser industry.
Laser marking machine has been sought after by many industries since its appearance. Enterprises are fast addicted to the unique charm of laser marking - high efficiency, low energy consumption, consumables, maintenance-free, simple operation, exquisite processing, clothing, packaging, advertising, construction, electronics, hardware, medicine and so on. The demand for laser marking equipment in various industries is increasing. Metal laser marking machine realizes precise engraving and marking of various metals and non-metallic materials, and is widely used in electronics, clocks, glasses, auto parts, hardware tools, plastic keys, medical devices, communications products and other industries. Not only simple operation, convenient operation, but also stable operation and clear marking.

Laser marking machine witness the development of food packaging industry
With the continuous improvement of living standards, while the consumption capacity continues to grow, people's requirements for packaging are also constantly strengthening. In the field of consumer goods industry, packaging has been an important aspect of special attention, laser marking machine witnessed the development of food packaging marking industry.
Laser marking is a new trend in the food and beverage industry. It can not only encode, logo or origin information on the food surface or packaging surface, but also mark the shelf life and bar code information on the canned product packaging by laser marking.

Laser marking has the following advantages in the food and beverage industry.
The first is non-toxic, pollution-free, pollution-free, low-cost processing, no printing ink and other consumables, no odor;
Secondly, the speed is high, the accuracy is high, the performance is stable, and the lines are fine.
The latter point is that the laser marking machine has continuous working ability.
It is worth noting that laser marking technology for food packaging is a non-contact and wear-free process, so also to ensure that goods will not be damaged because of the packaging process, to ensure the stability and reliability of goods. At present, Zhengzhou Chushang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. with the continuous progress of scientific research, such as laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and other equipment in constant innovation, continuous change, and strive to provide more solutions for the industry application process.

Application prospect and price advantage of laser marking machine
Laser marking machine is used more and more year by year; as a new marking equipment, laser marking machine is gradually showing more and more excellent performance and quality in China, occupying a more important position in the marking industry. Many manufacturers who used to use the "printer" have changed the marking strategy and carried out laser marking, such as the country. Famous water manufacturers such as "Farmer Spring" and "5100 Mineral Water" and some well-known food packaging suppliers gradually increased the use of laser equipment.

In this trend, many users will conduct a value assessment of their own products. We start from the spray code equipment we are using, from the performance, consumables, maintenance and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, and then develop a laser machine use, maintenance cost statement, and feasibility analysis, comprehensive. In contrast, many users will find that, in addition to the initial purchase price is higher, the later use of laser will become very low cost, is a more economical choice for many users is a very worthwhile action. Laser marking machine price advantage is remarkable in today's era of quality-oriented, pursuit of excellence, many users will focus on the quality and performance of the products purchased, and the most intuitive aspect is the aesthetic appearance.

From packaging to labeling, it is an essential aspect for enterprises to upgrade. External packaging can embody the prominence of our products in similar commodities, make it easier for users to remember us, know us, and choose us next time to get a reliable and stable feeling. These results undoubtedly need a lot of. Brand building, and the laser marking machine logo effect, from one aspect, can greatly enhance product visibility, enhance corporate brand image.

Many similar products also use ordinary inkjet printer is the case, we will fundamentally surpass our opponents, from the "environmental protection", "sustainable development", "economic energy saving" and other aspects of the victory of our opponents, especially the fresh logo effect, laser burning features, all users will have a refreshing feeling for the early stage The competition is very advantageous. The core competitiveness of an enterprise is derived from its own quality.

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