How to operate the bearing of CNC cutting machine?

Inadequate lubrication of CNC bearings: Inadequate or improper INA lubrication may result in scratches or severe bearing deformation. Preventive measures: improve lubrication system, regularly add or replace lubricant properly. Bearing operation is not standard: bearing installation, operation or improper disassembly may cause deformation or defect of cage. Preventive measures: proper operation, installation and removal of tools. Bearing exterior material: abrasive particle pollution and debris invasion may lead to wear, scratch and depression of INA bearing working face. Precautions: remove particles and debris, replace lubricants, and check the sealing system. Bearing eccentricity: eccentric, inclined or excessive loads may cause geometric stress concentration or surface spalling. Precautions: use precise machining of INA bearing block and shoulder.

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